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Need recommendation for a good classical organ suitable for home use

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  • Need recommendation for a good classical organ suitable for home use

    I am looking into purchasing a classical organ for use in my home. I can't afford a new organ, but if anyone knows of any organs that would retain their quality over time and be good "used" purchases, I would greatly appreciate your advice. I did find a Wurlitzer C250 at a thrift store recently, but when I played it I noticed electrical issues such as the keyboard cutting out intermittently, certain pedals not working consistently, and a note sustaining unexpectedly. The organ is listed at just over $500 but I am not sure it is worth the price for an instrument that could prove frustrating even for practice play. Thank you in advance for any suggestions you may have.

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    Classical Organ Recommendation


    I believe you posted your request in the Pipe Organ Forum (rather than Church & Electric Organ Forum), so I missed it earlier.

    Let me suggest you read through the following recent threads over the last month, and then if you have further questions, we'd be happy to help.Of course, none of the threads answer your EXACT question, but they may help you ask more detailed questions and give you a direction to look.

    BTW, welcome to the Forum.


    P.S. Wurlitzer doesn't usually associate very closely with the category of Classical Organs that retain their quality over time. The threads above will help direct you.
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      Thank you so much for directing me to those threads -- that will indeed be a good starting point!