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Rodgers 640 and pipes

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  • Rodgers 640 and pipes

    I recently encountered an older Rodgers organ at a local dealer. I am pretty sure it's a 640. It is an analogue organ from the 1980s. I'll post a few pictures when I get a chance. I know Rodgers was selling organs as pipe organ hybrids in that day, and I know this exact model has been used in combination with a pipe organ before.

    It has a pretty decent sound, but it is somewhat unified. Also, I think the trumpet and oboe use the same tone generator. They sound pretty decent. The organ sounds surprisingly good, but could use a bigger sound system and a tuning. Can Swell and Great go on different channels?

    I am specifically interested in this organ, or another similiar Rodgers organ, because I am hoping it will serve as a console for my little three-rank pipe organ. I'm also thinking about adding to the pipe organ over time.

    Would adding pipes to this organ be fairly straight-forward? Will rodgers support it? How much is a fair price to pay?


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    Here is the exact same model installed in a Catholic church with a small pipe organ.

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    Here is a link to a page showing the exact same model being used with a very small pipe organ in a Catholic church.