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Pedalboard parts?

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  • Pedalboard parts?

    4 of my pedals on my Baldwin Howard D910 don't sound. upon removing the casing I discovered that it is an easy fix if I can find the part.
    Don't know the technical name for the part, but it is what is depressed by the pedal and is soldered to the wires. black casing with silver metal that slides into the black plastic casing. a spring keeps the tension.
    Springs are broken on some and casings need to be repaired on others. I need about 5 of these and a handful of springs will be needed in the years to come. can anyone tell me where I can purchase these?
    These don't really seem like they would be specific to my organ so I am thinking they should be an easy find. Thanks

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    You do have a lot of questions!

    Anyways, the problem you have here, was a common one on those organs, as well as the equivalent Galanti models.

    I suggest you contact GeneralMusic US, and talk to Artie Specht. Tell you have essentially a Praeludium organ, and you have need for housings and springs.

    GeneralMusic used that style of switching for about 3 or 4 years before going with the present system.

    In any case, if you don't get anywhere with him, let me know and I will rattle his cage.



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      i spoke with Artie Specht and he is shipping me every part that I need. pedal housings and springs, pedal volume switch, cresendo volume switch, stop bulbs, pedal tension springs. all for $108 dollars. All I need now is a woofer and some time and a soldering iron.

      Arie, I cannot thank you enough. I was starting to think the organ had been a mistake. Now there is no doubt in my mind that it was exactly what I needed.

      Can't promise my questions are over, but I am very grateful to you and the organ forum community.