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  • what to do?

    I'm wanting to upgrade from my Rodgers c-505 to a new or used digital 2 or preferably 3 manual organ. Ive been offered:

    Johannus Excellent III 1996 floor model. Wooden tracker keyboards, approx 70 stops,cabinet/glass closure, nice looking dark oak cabiinetry
    Wooden shoes, no speakers included. $8,000


    Johannus Rembrandt 3900 2002 floor model. American and baroque voicing, 24 bit sound, uses intonation 4.0 software, internal 9 channel mixer, 9 self-contained amps, also without speakers, 77 ranks 64 stops, plastic keys. etc etc $10,000.

    Is the current technology of either the Roland c-330 (2 man) or johannus opus 37 or even the Viscount physys cl4 so far ahead of these older johannuses as to make them undesireable

    (I can budget approximately $10,000. And I have adequate sound equipment to maximise either organ's output.)

    Or are either of these Johannuses a good deal and have a good reputation although 10-13 yrs old now?

    I liked playing the Rembrandt 3900, the case was okay and the build quality was just okay. The chorus was nice ,solos and reeds also nice to my ear.

    I hope you read this Arie, I like your critiques.

    Additionally, this is a defunct dealer and I doubt i'd get any kind of warranty.

    What do you members think??

    Jesse Hargus
    Portland, OR

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    Those prices do not appear to reflect the status of the seller. An "As-is" going-out-of-business sale would seem to command steeper discounts. Someone will hopefully correct me if those prices aren't close to full retail for organs from the nineties or ten years old. I mean, aren't these things like luxury cars regarding depreciation? Those two makes aren't terribly expensive to begin with, compared to Allen and Rodgers, correct?
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      Just to say among other things, I will be working on a Rodgers C-505 today. I don't have time to fully address your concerns, other than to say, the latest is not always the greatest, good audio is a critical part of the overall sound quality, and setup and voicing can make or break whether you end up with a satisfactory or unsatisfactory musical result.



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        100% agree with Arie!! And let me add....That $150,000 sound system in your church is as good as the 100% volunteer back there running it!


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          Im moving this to the how much is it worth forum to try and get to an offer amount trot these organs.
          Jesse Hargus
          Portland, OR