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Viscount IV/70 Organ on Craigslist

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  • Viscount IV/70 Organ on Craigslist

    I recently saw this ad on Craigslist - right in my backyard! Does anyone have any input on these instruments?

    It's a IV/70 - What do these sound like?
    Drew A. Worthen

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    Love that console. Wish I could afford that one.

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      That sure is a pretty console ! Too bad that it looks best with it OFF. On a console that looks that nice, the lighted drawknobs would ruin the appearance for me. 35" wide and the high sides might be a move in the house problem in some cases. It says 800 pounds, I wonder if that means it is made from real wood ( not veneered particle board ) ?

      I can't say about the sound of it; others here seem to think Viscount does pretty well. It probably has European style voicing. I'm sure others who know them better can comment on the voicing / sound quality.

      Says how many speakers one can connect, but does not say if they ( or any ) are included.
      Regards, Larry

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        I have a Viscount 3-manual, which appears to be about the same vintage as that model. As to the sound, they sound very nice with external amps and speakers. The internal sound system isn't that good, but at least it's got it, if space is a consideration for you.

        Wurlitzer/Viscount C-380 3 manual with Conn pipes.


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          Originally posted by dw154515 View Post
          I recently saw this ad on Craigslist - right in my backyard! Does anyone have any input on these instruments?

          It's a IV/70 - What do these sound like?

          This Viscount is advertised as"the big one". Not quite so fast! This Viscount 4 manual was sold in North America as the C-480. The big one, was the 5 manual Viscount sold as the C-500.

          I recently worked on a C-470, which is the same organ, except only 3 manuals. I played a C-480 not that long ago.

          The organ in terms of technology dates back to the mid 90s. The sound was not that bad, even through internals, and would have been competitive sound wise with other products out there in the mid 90s. Sounds better through some external speakers. One problem with this generation of organs, was that they could not be voiced.

          I believe with the C-470, 480, 500, that the MIDI was updated, so one could local off stops and replace them with MIDI sounds or stops.

          As for the console, they were heavy, as in real heavy. Lots of wood product covered with thick veneers. Biggest weakness was the pedalboards, noisy, clattery, and intermittant contact problems. All problems that can be solved.

          Personally, I would say this organ is only desirable if just must have a 4 manual organ on the cheap.

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