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allen c12 or c12c

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  • allen c12 or c12c

    Anyone have an Allen C12 or C12C?

    There is a fellow on the allen list who is trying to help a church program some MIDI selections to play and pull the correct stops. He is hard coding the midi files to work but needs a CAPT01.SYX file. If you have access and could provide, please post and I will shoot you a link to the allen yahoo group.

    Thanks !


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    I don't think you mean C12 or C12C: here is some data from my Electronic Organ Reference List.
    ALLEN C-10 1956 Vacuum tube 25 2

    Perhaps you meant:
    ALLEN MDC-12 1981 Digital 13 2 (MDC-1) 'Theatre Compact' (spinet)

    More information, please.

    . . . Jan
    the OrganGrinder


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      Hi Jan,
      I reread the post and it does say C-12 or C-12C. I did some digging and this appears to be a Protege series with the Midi and Smart Recorder.

      In a nutshell, this fellow on the list has an organ at church that he is intereested in, but can not play. Their organist is gone/retired/i dont recall what happened. Anyway, he is looking for a way to play midi files to support the worship service. Some are in NWC (Noteworthy composer format) and another kind soul (Clint) who does a ton of midi stuff is trying to help him create a patch file of sorts so that the midi playback will draw the proper stops throughout the files.

      I stumbled across it last nite and thought someone here may have one of those models and could copy the file for these gents.

      My next move is to call the local Allen dealers and see if they can provide, or have record in their installs of someone nearby who can get a copy.

      Having never seen one of these up close, I welcome your thoughts on this.

      Thanks !


      - - - Updated - - -

      This is the link to the discussion on yahoo's Allen owners forum.


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        Allen has a user manual for the C12 on their website at:

        This is a Protege model, and the MIDI section might provide some help. I suspect the final "C" in C12C might mean console controller--if it does, then there would be additional MIDI functionality & capability. See the C14C manual if it has the console controller--I suspect it would be the same.



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          The "c" after the model number does indicate console controller, however, it does not have all the features available on the larger models with a console controller. If my memory is correct, the transposer is activated with the rotary dial on this console controller.


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            Thanks everyone. We were able to find a C-12 locally and copied the capture file to disk. Off to the programmer who is working to patch the NWC files to play on the Allen thru the midi.