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Allen MDS-26 Channels

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  • Allen MDS-26 Channels

    I had been told in the past that the MDS-26 has 4 channels but they're mixed down to two. I recently talked to a friend who is an Allen tech. He confirmed what I had been told before. The MDS-26 does have four channels (internally) and they are mixed-down to two. The sad thing is the divisions are not separated because of this. It would be a much larger, more powerful organ if the channels could be separated. Any Allen techs out there know if this can be done with ease? I haven't had my head in the back on an MDS, so I don't know. Can I just add amps and audio? Or would modification need to be made. It's such a shame Allen didn't make the MDS-26 with 4 channels of audio (externally). That would really be significantly nicer!

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    Allen would probably have sold it as 4-channels (or the dealer probably would have converted it) when new, as a special.

    Open the organ and see if there is an ADC mixer board--if there is, it would not be very hard to break out the channels. It won't be inexpensive to make it the same as if the factory had done it, but it is possible. You need:

    1. Two more amp channels, and the easiest way to do this is to replace the dual channel ADC amp with a 4-channel (quad) ADC amp--fits in the same place as the current amp.

    2. Two more speakers.

    3. Audio cables to connect the output of the mixer board to the input of the amps.

    4. Antiphonal relay cards for the extra 2 channels, if the organ has antiphonal switching in it. This is likely only available from Allen's dealer.

    5. Output wiring terminals.

    You'll need to change some connections & settings on the mixer board--I can provide that info if it does use the ADC mixer. If it uses something else, maybe someone who has the MDS manuals can provide it--I'd even try your local dealer.

    The mixer board will be a large circuit board with lots of audio cables coming & going from it, and should be labelled. Looks like this (the board in the middle of the photo):

    Quad channel amp picture here:



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      Hmmm. I'll have to look and see what there is. I really hope there is something like that in there.


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        I owned an MDS Theatre 3 for a while--it was early MDS, but used the ADC mixer, so there is good reason to think the MDS-26 would have one.



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          I started selling Allen Organs near the end of the MDS era. If my memory is correct, the MDS26 could be ordered with 2 or 4 channels out (2 external cabinets or 4 external cabinets). It was a step up from the MDS16 (console speakers) with the addition of a 32' stop and external speakers only.


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            Thanks for the info.