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Non Propietary Speakers

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  • Non Propietary Speakers

    In the process of buying a Johannus 6.1 organ that comes without speakers. The six Johannus speakers plus sub are about $4K. Seems really high as as much as the used organ so are there more reasonable priced speakers out there that will work just as well?

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    You will need a substantial sub-woofer for the Pedals. The manuals can be handled by high quality full-range speakers. Many of the better used organ speakers seen on eBay or Craigslist should work fine. Just don't use home stereo speakers as the bass notes will most likely fry them. Be sure you know the amplifier ratings and impedance so you can get speakers capable of handling whatever power the instrument puts out. I have successfully used good quality PA speakers as antiphonals (remotes). If you are planning to buy new speakers, look for Yamaha, JBL, and other well known pro-sound vendors.
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