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Allen t12B gyro replacement - any ideas

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  • Allen t12B gyro replacement - any ideas

    Greetings, My wife has Allen T12B as home organ - long story short - due to health issues she can no longer play for extended times and wants to replace the Gyro and bass cabinets we have in the living room with something much smaller. She knows that overall audio will change but she is more interested in playing the instrument and not letting it go. She also is classical harpist and part of her gig kit includes a Fender PD-150 PA. What I am looking to do is connect output of the T12b to the PD 150. While poking around the backside of the speaker, I note the audio cable is apparently RG6 or something similar - unit came with 50+ft of cable - a little overkill for our townhouse. the connector on this cable looks to me to be almost an SMA connector (recalling my RF engineering days) or like unto a type F but smaller. I don't have my connector adapter kit to see if I can bend this into an RCA that the PD 150 will take as input.

    I have not moved the console away from the wall yet but does anyone know what the audio cable on the console terminates with? I have not opened up the unit nor do I have schematics or any documentation. If there was a terminal strip on inside - I could gin up a cable with RCA on one end and plug into the PD 150.

    Speakers need to go as there are plans to utilize space for actual sitting items (couch, chairs, etc) the other plan if for whole unit to be banished to basement. I have not measured unit to see if it will fit down the stairs. it did fit thru standard house door.

    Her studio includes Aforementioned T12B, electronic piano, Concert grand harp, and 3/4 size concert grand harp all in same room.

    thanks in advance

    Skoal/Steve AKA OGR44 (Old Guys Rule!)

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    Update: connector on output of organ is what we call in the trade SMA. Brought my handy connector kit home and law and behold SMA it is. Subscribing to school of what worst could happen I connected PD 150 to console and tried it. So far so good. No magic smoke and my wife says sound is fine. Next I will try to get phono plug to SMA adaptor and see how it goes. I still would appreciate any input on changing speakers.


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      Hi Steve, Is the PD 150 just a PA speaker cabinet, or is it an amplified speaker ? Are the amps of the T12 in the console or in the Gyro cabinets ?

      When you do not use the gyro cabinets on a T12-B, you will loose both the Celeste and Tremolo functions, because the rotating elements in the Gyros are what make those effects work.
      Regards, Larry

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        Okay, your PD150 appears to be a powered speaker. If the PD150 has two inputs, one for microphone for the harp, and one RCA jack for the organ, you are done. Either the PD150 has an input selector switch, or more modern, it uses an internal mixer circuit to allow either or both inputs at once.
        If you want to run the electronic piano, the organ, and the harp microphones through the PD150, and you only have two inputs, then you need an RCA jack selector box, or a mixer. There are RCA jack selector boxes for televisions these days, these may not pass the low music frequencies, so be careful what you buy. PA mixers typically have both microphone and guitar level inputs, but the better ones have a 1/4 phone jack for the guitar level (keyboard) and a XLR connector for the microphones. This will get you into another adapter, probably. I don't recommend a used mixer for the elderly because they usually have bad input potentiometers that need to be replaced.
        You cannot just use a Y connector to put the keyboard output and the organ output into the same input, one of the amplifiers will blow up the other one. You need to disconnect one cable and install the other, or use a switch, or use a mixer.
        If you don't have a preferred vendor, has a large selection of adapters from one type of cable end to another.
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