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Zuma Group SDDS Midi interface

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  • Zuma Group SDDS Midi interface

    I have a customer that has just bought a really nice Allen 1105 Drawknob organ and the seller gave him a new Zuma SDDS midi version 1.0 interface. It appears that it is wired with only eight wires(1 thru8) and the next eight are not used. From what I know about the Allen MUX board and plug J172, he would need the wires 26, 28, 30 and 32 on the J172 connected in order to use his transposer on the console. On page 10 of the Forum instructions for this board shows only using the first eight wires yet on page 8 the picture shows twelve pushon connectors used on J172. There is mention of a version 2 that allows midi division on/off control. My question is: Can I get a upgrade to version 2 or do I just need to connect the wires in the ribbon cable? This looks like a very high end board and with the later additions is fully functional. It appears the one I have is of little use without the upgrade. Have four more customers wanting to have me install this unit on their Allens but do not want the earlier version. Need your help. Thanks much.

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    The Midi on/off division control is available in the version 1.0 version that you have, but the logic is reversed from version 2.0. You'll need the 2.0 firmware in order to make the transposer functional. All newly purchased boards have the version 2.0 firmware. I have sent you a PM regarding an upgrade.

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