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Suitable DSP/reverb for use with Rodgers 750BE?

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  • Suitable DSP/reverb for use with Rodgers 750BE?

    Thought I would start a new thread since my existing one is getting a bit long and going in to many directions to follow easily. I have purchased a Rodgers 750BE for use as a home instrument. I will be needing a good digital reverb/signal processor to improve upon the entirely dry acoustic of the room where it will be setup. I know this is probably a subjective question, but would like input on what digital reverb to employ. I am familiar with units like the Alesis Quadraverb, and have some older effects modules in my synth rack (late 80's-mid 90's vintage so nothing cutting edge) but want something dedicated just to the organ.

    I have a line on a Rodgers RSS-303A processor but know nothing about this model. Anyone here have experience with it, and constructive feedback on how well it works? I'd assume it was designed especially for use with electronic organs and would be geared primarily toward that purpose. Of course, at this point I am open to suggestions so if someone has a recommendation for something better, I am more than willing to entertain it.

    Kevin Dierkes

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    I'm using two Lexicon MX400 units (4 channels each) on a pipe/digital (8 channel) organ. I'm pleased with the results especially since the MX400 allows the user to customize the reverb settings. I had to turn off the "pre-delay" so the pipes and digitals would speak at the same moment.


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      I've not heard the Rodgers RSS-303A, but have a Roland reverb SRV-3030 based on the same algorithms, and think it's very good. The Rodgers unit was very expensive when available (discontinued). The Roland unit is also discontinued.

      I recommend TC Electronic M350. It sounds very good (I also have the earlier version of this unit). It's adjusted with knobs, making it very intuitive & quick to get the effect you want, as opposed to trying to decipher the small flourescent screen codes. About $200 street price. It is professional quality and nicely built.

      I had an Alesis, but could hear audible distortion, so I threw it away.



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        I use Behringer Virtualizers on my two operable Rodgers organs. I consider them sort of 'poor man's RSS', with some of the same room-modeling features without the high price tag. They're very quiet with no audible distortion even at full organ. I've picked all my DSP2024s up for less that $100 each on eBay.

        --- Tom
        Rodgers 660 with additional analog rack sets (practice), 36D/C in digital conversion, Yamaha CVP-107