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Peerless 4.5" Foam Surronds for Allen HC-12 speakers

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  • Peerless 4.5" Foam Surronds for Allen HC-12 speakers

    Thanks to all that helped me find the correct 15" foam surrounds for the HC12 cabinets that Allen organ company built. It turned out that SpeakerWorks sell them as Cer. Vega red Flat 15". Just finished replacing ten of them. They all work great. Now I am in need of the foam surround for the 4.5" Peerless KO4O-MRF midrange speakers. What are others using for these? Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Would be interested in the responses to the question myself. I have not done this but have some rotted out Peerless midranges on the shelf.
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      Parts Express 260-910 fit the drivers.


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        I mentioned this source in the thread on HC12 woofer surrounds:

        Here it is again for you

        Allen 965
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        Zuma Group DM Midi Stop Controller
        Hauptwerk 4.2


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          Thank you for reposting. I have placed a order for a dozen. Thanks again.


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            I have just finished the 46 Peerless 4.25" midrange speaker surrounds in my HC-12 cabinets. The Speaker Exchange part number: RFK4.25 fit just perfect. Took about fifteen minuutes to rebuild each one. At $16 for a kit that repairs two speakers is a steal. Thanks for all that help me find suppliers for the 15" woofer and midrange speakers.



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              I just called my contact, and he is willing to re-surround both woofers and mid-range speakers for anyone who is willing to ship them to him. If you'd like his contact information I can provide that to you in a private message (so Google doesn't scan it and make his private information public).

              He's been replacing the surrounds on all my HC-12 12" woofer surrounds, as well as 4.5" mid-range cans since 2005. Sound is great (& so is the price)!

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