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Wurlitzer 802 - info?

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  • Wurlitzer 802 - info?

    Does anyone have any info on the Wurlitzer model 802? All I can glean from Googling around is that it's essentially the "church" version of the 805 Centura Professional, i.e. add a locking top and nix the 3rd, solo manual (Orbit III synth). So, from the mid-1970s. Actually 1974 if I recall correctly.

    What I'd particularly like to know is how it handles audio channeling. One thread on this site suggests it's 2-channel, another one says 3-channel. I'm interested in tagging a Leslie on, as well as some Conn pipes, so the channeling issue will be important. I have discovered that the two Leslies for which kits were supplied for connecting to the 802 are: 212s and 600. I know the 600 is 4-channel, but I'm not sure whether the 212s was three- or four-channel. (A list I found says three, but I also found a picture where you can see what look like four of the little Leslie modular solid-state amps mounted on the heat sink.)

    One other question: is this model likely to be designed more for a theater organ sound? I know on older Wurlitzers like the 4502 they basically just tweaked a stop or two from the theater-style models, put it into a nice conservative cabinet, and called it a church model!

    If anyone can shed any light on this it will be a big help. There's one available in my area that I may pursue if it can do a nice traditional church sound. I haven't played for quite awhile and would really like to get back into it. Thank you.

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    I had an 805 at one time and somewhere I have the schematics. It had an internal rotating drum rather than the spectra-tone on the 4502. IIRC there must have been at least two channels plus the rotating speaker channel. I don't recall if the pedals also had its own channel. I will try to find the manual and look it up in the next couple of days if someone else doesn't beat me to it.

    As to the stops and voicing it was very similar to the 4502/4500.

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      The solid state Leslie's often used two power amplifier channels, one for the high frequency upper rotor and one for the low frequency drum. That would account for the extra amplifier in your model 212 "three channel" Leslie. This is true for the nine pin 760, for instance.
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