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Rodgers 760 music desk lamps

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  • Rodgers 760 music desk lamps

    Several of the music desk lamps on my Rodgers 760 have burnt out. Does anyone know the part number for these and where I could get replacements.

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    I had the same question for my 850 about a year ago and here is the response I got from "jbird604"
    Hopefully Rodgers didn't vary the bulb styles too much from model to model.

    ""That is a generic "#19" lamp used by Rodgers in all music desk lights until about 1990 or so. It is quite difficult to locate any more. At one time these were commonly used in automobile interiors, but no more, so they're no longer available at the local auto parts store.

    Actually, this is a 14 volt lamp. The circuit they're in puts out 24 volts or so, but you will find that the lamps are wired in series in groups of two. Two adjoining lamps are thus connected so that if one of them goes out the other one goes dark as well. You may discover with testing that only half the bulbs you think are dead are indeed burned out. You can re-group them to put two good ones together where possible and have at last a little more light.

    Since these are so hard to find, I've started substituting the smaller lamps that Rodgers now uses in music lights. Here's a link to the lamp on

    You can see that this lamp is smaller and rather different in form factor. The pins are smaller and a tiny bit closer together, but I've found that they do in fact slide right into the little sockets intended for the #19 lamp. I know it's not a perfect solution and may even sound strange, but I have subbed these lamps into dozens of analog Rodgers music desks with complete success. I gave up years ago trying to find and stock the #19 lamps. Even when I have been able to find them they are outrageously expensive but this little lamp is quite cheap.""


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      Since you are in Canada, why don't you contact Roland Canada. PM me, and I will give you contact info.

      I deal with them, and have no problem getting parts. I am however a service person.

      As has been mentioned, they are #19 bulbs, and are wired 2 lamps in series. If one goes, the other one won't light either.

      I have a bunch, but they have been promised.



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        Try taking one over to Radio Shack. They have been able to match quite a few 12 volt bulbs I have needed for instrament clusters and such. Not sure what your bulb looks like, but I have been able to get stuff from them I didn't even know existed until it burnt out! Smile....Bill