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Rodgers 770 exeter amp/speaker 5 pin cable

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  • Rodgers 770 exeter amp/speaker 5 pin cable

    Our church just received a Rodgers 770 exeter organ, and it came with the external speakers and their individual amps. The amps are powered by 5 pin cables with connectors that resemble MIDI, but those were not given to us.I have searched with no luck to find the details on how to obtain some of these cables or where to get the materials to fabricate them. Rodgers informs me they are no longer stocked by the company. Any advice would be great!

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    Try this site for your socket ends and maybe for bulk cable although you could try a electronics warehouse place for your cable. I'm pretty sure you will be making up your own cables since those were kinda sourced just for the older Rodgers. There is no AC mains that run through that cable some earlier leslie cables. If you need the pin out info for those Rodgers amp hook up...just let me know


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      The connectors Rodgers used at the time of the 770 were a 5-Pin DIN connector--indeed, it is the same connector as used by MIDI, although the cable is totally different. You'll probably have to build your own cables.

      One of these connectors should work: or

      You might contact Rodgers again and see if they stock the bulk cable, as it's very hard to come by in the general wire market: it is a single, shielded cable combined with 2 unshielded conductors under one jacket, for 4-total conductors. The reason for this make-up is one shielded conductor for the audio, and 2-unshielded conductors to turn on the relay in the amp, which in turn, turns on the amp. The 5th pin is not used.

      The cable is Belden part number 8734 or Alpha Wire Part No. 1243--the Alpha number has NO dashes, slashes, or any numbers after it, as there are variations with different slash numbers that won't work. Rodgers got it with a brown jacket--Belden's stock color is chrome, and Alpha's is gray. You wouldn't believe how much wire you have to order to get a non-standard jacket color--think of "miles".

      I did find the Alpha version at this site:, with a reasonable price ($1.21 per foot) for less than a full spool--full spool is 1,000 ft, and is $800 to $900 depending upon who is selling it.

      The basic 770 has 4 channels for the main, but only one of the amplifiers is external to the console. If you have antiphonal amps, those would also be external. The 5-Pin DIN connector is used for those amp outputs as well as for the 4th main amp.


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        My Bad!:embarrassed: Thanks Toodles for the correct info!!:-P


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          Hey, Toodles --
          Are you sure those connectors will fit? I've been looking for one for a Rodgers amp. I bought one that looked just like that from Mouser, supposedly a 5-pin DIN, and it didn't fit -- the barrel diameter was different.



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            I can look at my amp from this series over the weekend and will post after examining it. There are a lot of different DIN sized connectors, 12 mm is common (about half an inch), but would not fit, also 8mm, and many others, so just specifying DIN isn't sufficient.

            Prior to the mid 80's Rodgers used a tube-plug & socket style connector system, similar to those used on Leslie speakers. They used to be made by Amphenol, but are now made by WPI (Wire-Pro, Inc.), now owned by Cooper Industries. They've gotten crazy expensive.


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              The amp has a male socket (that's a bit of an oxymoron, but anyhow, it's a socket with male pins within the shell). Here's the conncector for that end, from what I can tell:

              I think the end that connects to the output panel on the organ is a regular male plug:

              Mouser shows a lot of different connectors when you search for "DIN connector"--which one did you get?


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                Thanks to all for the information. I ordered the DIN connector in the link that Toodles provided, and now just need to figure out how to solder the cable to the connector. It appears that only four of the five pins are utilized, but i do not know which one is not used. Does anyone know?


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                  Here's the amp schematic. Connector pinout is shown in the inset.
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                    thanks Toodles! I had examined the printed circuit board and surmised which pin was not utilized but am thrilled that you are able to confirm!


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                      i need help with hooking up speakers to our new old rodgers 770 exter. they disconnected before i could mark cables to speakers for reconnection. There were 3 sets of speaker wire going back to a sub, tow mains and a horn bank. there were also other mic cable type wire that went to other external amps and speakers above the organ and choir loft, including a seperate chimes. The 3 sets that ran to the main speakers come directly out of the organ and were not connected to other amps as far a i can tell. anyway, would you know how i could get a wiring diagram for hooking up speakers? i called Rodgers and they set me a schematic of the help at all. Thanks for any help you can offer!


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                        If your organ is a "normal" 770, there is an output panel in the organ. That panel is very well labelled.

                        It has 3 speaker connections which take 2-wire speaker cable for the 3 main channels; a 4th channel for the subwoofer or "pedal" channel is a low-voltage, un-amplified signal for a remote amplifier. Dealers have been known to install this amp within the console, and if that was done, the 2 wires for the pedal/subwoofer cabinet connect on that amplifier. If the amp isn't in the console, the the info below about the 5-wire DIN connector applies.

                        For any outputs that go to external amps, the output pannel has DIN connectors to get the drive signal and to switch on the amps. If this was a non-standard, customized installation you might have to get a local organ technician to hook it up. I know someone who had a 770 that did not have the output panel, perhaps an early production unit or customized. Connection was quite a bit different.

                        Take a look at this thread for a 755, a similar model: There's a picture of the output panel.


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                          Apologies for resurrecting an old thread--I'm trying to connect headphones to my 770. When I plug in my Sony MDR 7506s with the TRS adapter into the socket on the underside of the keydesk, the speaker shuts off as it should, but I hear nothing from my headphones. Is there any way to troubleshoot this, or perhaps some alternate way I can connect headphones? Living in a small apartment, unfortunately I really can't use the standard speakers.


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                            Make sure the adapter is pushed in all the way--the speaker probably cut out first, and then the plug makes contact to the jack as the adapter is inserted. If you look at the adapter, the front of it should be touching the outer rim of the phone jack.

                            I suppose there is some chance that the adapter is defective, and the headphones are of medium impedance so they might be softer than you want.


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                              Yep they're all the way in, and no sound at all sadly.

                              I should be able to hook up a headphone amp to the reverb line out RCA cable right?

                              Thanks for the help!