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Are bass pedals usually played with your left or right foot?

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  • Are bass pedals usually played with your left or right foot?

    I would play them with my left foot, and use my right foot for the expression pedals. What about you?

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    Hi Proper technique, if there is such a thing would indicate both feet for both purposes. You should get yourself a good organ instruction book. In my day Harold Gleeson was my choice. Do the pedal exercises and scales as outlined and yo uwill get an idea!


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      I learned 2 pages of JSB P&F in Cmin with the left foot on the pedals from C0 to b0 and the right foot on C1 to C2. When I took an organ lesson this year, the teacher told me you were supposed to alternate feet all over the keyboard. Now I can't play pedals at all, but I do it correctly. Except when I kick the expression pedal to min volume with the right toe.
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        Classically, both feet are used in pedaling. The Gleason book is great for pedal exercises, and so is the John Stainer book.
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          Both feet except on a Hammond where you use the right foot for the "gas".
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            Mr. Catlover,

            The answer to the title of your post is, "Yes." When I taught myself, I used my left foot for the pedals, because my organ only had 13 bass pedals and would only play one note at a time. When I got to college, I learned that I needed to use all 4 feet to play the pedals (both heels and both sets of toes).

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              I used to use only one foot on the pedals before I took my college classes, one of which was organ lessons. Unfortunately, I did not learn too much there as the college furnished me with two teachers, which were as different as day and night. I am now taking private lessons, and learning more than I did at college. My teacher is Mark Laubach, who when he first saw me play, asked me how many feet I had. When I replied two, he politely told me to get the one off the expression pedal and on the notes. I must admit it was difficult at first, even with a Princess Pedalboard, but I'm getting the hang of it. Besides, the Princess Pedalboard may be going soon (as is the entire organ). Our church may be getting an Allen 301-B, for which I can't wait!!!!

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