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Rogers Jamestown 725 - Where to purchase a keyboard set?

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  • Rogers Jamestown 725 - Where to purchase a keyboard set?

    Just brought home a very nice Rodgers Jamestown. But... it has a broken key on the Great.
    How and where to purchase a replacement. Do I buy one key or an octave set.
    Have found on net for Hammond's but no success in searching for a set for Rodgers.
    Organ is about 35 years old.

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    There was a set of two LoDuca keyboards from a Rodgers on eBay the past several days. You might look there. I don't know what brand of keys you have on your organ. Rodgers used the above brand as a basic keyboard and had the British-made ones with the wooden core as a premium set (the name of the maker escapes me just now). I don't know if the sets are in a workable price range for you.



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      Ianopi, you should be able to buy just the replacement for that one broken LoDuca or Pratt-Read plastic key (plastic, right?) , not the whole manual or octave. Have you tried calling Rodgers in Hillsboro, OR?

      Dave V: the name you are looking for is Herrburger-Brooks.

      . . . Jan
      the OrganGrinder
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        You might call LoDuca Brothers--they are in New Berlin WI at 262-754-9850--at least that's the last phone number I had for them.


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          Thank you for the reply, even though much time has passed, the key is still broken. Very much appreciated.