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Allen MDS midi implementation

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  • Allen MDS midi implementation

    Would anyone here be able to enlighten me on the extent of MIDI implementation in the Allen MDS series instruments? I have an ADC at home and at the church and only one has the key info midi.
    Does the MDS series also have in/out stop info, general pistons, expression, etc?
    Thanks for help.

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    When Allen introduced the MDS organs, they "made the leap" into a complete MIDI implementation. All console data is transmitted and received including: keying data, expression and crescendo pedal movement, stops, pistons .... anything I'm forgetting? It works so flawlessly that you can simply connect a computer to the MIDI out, record the stream using Cakewalk or another sequencer, then play it back and sit there in amazement as the stops move, the expression indicators move (not the pedals) and notes come out just as you played them.

    Channel assignments are 1, 2, 3 for the manuals and 4 for the pedals. Larger instruments use the other MIDI channels.

    The Expander modules they sold to go with these organs receive this data correctly and even coordinate with the capture action, though the process for setting MIDI voices on the pistons requires an extra step or two. Becomes second-nature once you do it a few times though.
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      On my 317, channel 5 is used for second touch.
      Allen MDS-317 at home / Allen AP-16 at Church / Allen ADC-3100 at the stake center


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        Thank you for the update .... this is what I had hoped. Thanks again.