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Rogers headphones not working

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  • Rogers headphones not working

    I'm going to be playing for the occasional service at my church, and would dearly like to get a lot of practice in beforehand. It's a very active place, and there are people around whenever I can get there to practice. I would much prefer to use headphones for practice, but the jack doesn't seem to work. The manual says to use headphones with at least 8Ω impedance, which I have. I've tried two other sets of headphones, Walkman type, and they don't work either. They all work in another instrument.

    I have found the tip of a ΒΌ" jack sitting on a keycheek. I removed the housing for the headphones and MIDI jacks, and several blobs of solder fell out. There is no obvious damage to the board, and all wires and connectors are attached. There are quite a few components on the board, and there is what appears to be an amplifier chip near the headphone jack. There doesn't appear to be a number on it, but it does have a small integral heat sink.

    I'm supposing we'll have to call Rodgers for service, but if there's something I can do, I'd like to do it. Any suggestions?

    The instrument is a Rodgers 940, about 1995 vintage.
    Home organ, same as church's organ - Rodgers 940

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