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Artisan sound engines and custom instruments

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  • Artisan sound engines and custom instruments

    I am wondering what experiences others have had with Artisan sound engines?

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    I have a 3M pipe/digital with an Artisan operating system and digital ranks. What would you like to know?


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      Did you configure the sound engine or did Artisan? Did you have any difficulty getting the samples you wanted?


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        Artisan configured the console and sound engine files (wind blown pipes were also involved). After learning the software, I have made adjustments, and changed out digital ranks for different ones. I had no problem getting the samples I wanted. Since it's not possible to audition the samples, I sent Mark links to various youtube organs and asked him to send ranks that sounded the same, or I would describe what I wanted.


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          I purchased a custom system over two years ago. I have yet to receive the ranks I bought and paid for though I received some that I did not buy. Much of the programming on the touch screen was not completed though I have since done much of it myself with the hope of a j-organ expert. The following emails will help readers appreciate my situation.

          Hi Mark,

          I appreciate the information though you could have shared that months ago and you could have provide the old versions with a promise of better replacements in the future. It also doesn't explain why I don't have an Unda Maris, Bassoon, Cornopean or a Flute Celeste (that actually works).


          -----Original Message-----
          From: Mark
          To: Les
          Sent: Fri, May 3, 2013 11:28 am
          Subject: Re: Sound Engine

          Hi Les,

          Glad you got things back up and running.

          I'm not purposely withholding this ranks. I just don't have them in the shape yet to send to you. Even though I've had older versions, I've never been happy with them and so for the past year I've been working on redoing all the orchestral ranks. The schedule since last September has been just crazy and although I've had good intentions, I've simply not had enough hours in the day to get everything done. I am working on them and though it's a very time demanding task I will get them done and to you as soon as I can. I just cannot promise deadlines.