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Conn Artist 720 Info

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  • Conn Artist 720 Info

    I have an opportunity to pick up a Conn Artist 720. Currently doesn't work (no sound), I've not even tried to power it up, just looked briefly, it's been in the church it's in since day one. I have a few questions....

    1) How many and what kind of tubes are in it?

    2) How desirable are they? Should I be trying to find a Conn collector that would be thrilled to have this?

    I'm a Hammond guy, and this thing is HUGE, if I were to take it I'd part it out, use the amp chassis and components for other projects. If there is a demand for these and someone would be thrilled to have it, I'm absolutely willing to let them take it, all involved just want it to go to a good home. It has already been replaced in the church. It's located in Wolf Creek, WI.



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    Here is the listing from my Mother List: CONN 720 1963 VI 32 2 Artist
    (1) lots! Mostly 12AU7 or 12AU7A twin triodes. I think the amps have a few 12AX7s and some 7199, although it has been many years since I looked inside a 720 Artist. They were very reliable but will benefit from a good tuning now and then.
    (2) depends on to whom you are speaking...

    . . . Jan
    the OrganGrinder