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Used organ market?

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  • Used organ market?

    We have a Rodgers 945 organ that we're looking to get rid of, is there a market for non-functioning Rodgers 945 organs? (use for parts?)


    Kendall Presbyterian Church

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    Location matters. Put an ad on in the US or kiji in Canada, list for $1000 OBO and see what you get. there are people that cut up organs to make two into one, or certain pre-digital models can be repaired with parts from the supply house. list local pickup only, you don't want to get involved in shipping. The bench is worth >$100, so make sure you list it as included. Any speakers you remove from the sanctuary that were part of it, especially those with bigger than 12" woofers, or containing power amps, also increase the price you will get.
    don't list any e-mails in the ad, just let craigslist contact you by email or cell phone. some readers harvest e-mails so get their phone number instead. Craigslist is cash only, and that is how I buy off of it. As is where is.
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