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Ahlborn u Steinbach Model C2 from 1957

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  • Ahlborn u Steinbach Model C2 from 1957

    A friend is starting to restore an Ahlborn u Steinbach with 29 May 1957 build date. Label says its a C2 model. I've emailed Ahlborn to see if they have a service manual, as I can see that they were able to provide schematics for a C-33 from 1965. I've added some pictures to my albums.

    I'd be interested if anyone has come across this organ model before, or have any other interesting details about Alhborn u Steinbach from that mid-late 1950's period. I can see a simple entry for them in Gellerman's International Reed Organ Atlas. I can see a very close variant at

    Ciao, Tim
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    Selmer Concert 1958

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    Tim, you are trying to compare apples with oranges. They may both have the Ahlborn & Steinbach badge, but your excellent photos verify that your friends' is a pure electronic, not a "harmonium". The layout of the tone generators looks virtually identical to that used in Conn organs. Would those tubes be 12AU7 types?

    I would be interested in hearing what you find out from Ahlborn. Keep us posted...

    . . . Jan
    the OrganGrinder


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      Hi Jan. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply this organ was a reed - just using the references to indicate the company was in business in the general organ scene, and obviously using a common "look, feel" in cabinetry - not much else I can find on history or model range of the company at that time.

      Yes they are 12AU7's. Like previous discussions on the C-33, some enhanced voltage regulation of the tone circuits should help keep the total tuning pretty stable and invariant. A factory schematic would certainly make it easier to go through the whole design and see how it rates to modern practices and techniques.

      Always nice to come across an early electronic organ which appears in fine physical condition and with relatively easy layout to test/service, but the devil is in the detail!
      Selmer Concert 1958


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        I'm sorry I can't provide any info on this organ, but really do appreciate your posting of the photos. I enjoy seeing these older, rare instruments.