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Keys for Conn Console

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  • Keys for Conn Console

    I've done it... I've lost the keys to the Console of my Conn 611. Is there anywhere to get spares? nb. I live in Sydney, Australia.

    After some soul-searching, I think I'm going to use this one as the basis of a midi-VPO. The cabinet is just in such good condition, that I cannot bring myself to junk it!
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    If all else fails, you could remove the lock and take it to a lock shop. They'll be able to make keys without charging an arm and a leg.
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      If there is a number stamped on the lock, that number corresponds to a certain key and you can try taking that number to a locksmith or looking it up on the web. The rub is that he may need to know the lock's manufacturer but a knowledgeable 'smith may be able help you guess.