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How do I thoroughly test a used organ upon delivery?

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  • How do I thoroughly test a used organ upon delivery?

    My "new" (used) Johannus 1100 has just begun its 4,500 km road trip from the dealer to my house.

    The dealer’s technician says he went over the organ and did some minor work when it was taken in trade on a new instrument. He also says he carefully checked everything again, just before it was crated for shipment. The dealer had a genuine Johannus shipping crate and packing material on hand because he just received a brand new organ from the factory in the Netherlands. Hopefully, the long road trip will not do any damage.

    However, when it arrives, I want to give it a FULL assessment. Can someone suggest a very systematic, orderly and efficient way to test everything—stops (all 38), couplers, individual notes (2 x 61 note), pedalboard (30 note) tuning, speaker output, etc.? Before doing anything else, should I first check that all the circuit cards and connectors are properly seated?

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    Johannus Opus 1100 (ca. 1990)

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    Ask your Johannus dealer if he has a factory checkout procedure for this model. Most manufacturer's provide such a thing.


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      Test every note on the keyboard for every pitch available from the stops. Same for the pedal clavier. Then test every stop. Finally draw an ensemble to make sure there is no vibration or distortion. If none of the above happens you've probably gotten a good instrument and one carefully handled in the move.


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        In my experience I have found that allowing the electronic item in question adjust to local temperature and humidity (usually a day). Whilst this is going on open it up and check everything possible for firm connections and anything suspicious. Then power it up and go through every single function as described above by OrgansR4Me. Take written notes on anything that is not as should be. This will take quite a bit of time. However patience will help in the long run if there is a problem. One extra thing to do is use a power bar right next to you so you can kill the power if there is a "problem like smoke!" Good luck and best wishes!

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