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Wyvern B282T - can it be fixed? Is it worth it?

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  • andyg
    The B282T is indeed based on the Bradford system, I was impressed when I reviewed the instrument many years ago. I don't know if the software is upgradable or updatable. Have you contacted Wyvern directly?

    There aren't many organ service engineers still working in the UK, finding a good one who is prepared to work on an old instrument depends on where you are. Some engineers just won't work on old models where parts are likely to be an issue. Again, Wyvern should be able to help.

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  • ChrisS
    started a topic Wyvern B282T - can it be fixed? Is it worth it?

    Wyvern B282T - can it be fixed? Is it worth it?

    Hi everybody,

    I recently bought a Wyvern B282T from a well-known store here in the UK. When it arrived there were a number of "clacky" keys and pedals which were re-felted (at the store's expense). I then tried to connect the MIDI connectors up to my USB/Computer interface, where I found that no midi data was being sent or received. I'm quite savy with MIDI and am 100% sure that I have all the connections set up properly - it's just that no data is being sent from the instrument. I have checked every page of the manual and every stop to make sure there is no switch: there isn't. In addition, the organ occasionally locks up, or plays sustained notes by itself....

    Also, one of the amplifiers has blown. My usual engineer has said he can fix the amplifier, but thinks the lack of MIDI is a software or processor board fault which needs specialist attention. The chap I have been recommended is very nice, but I can't persuade him to visit to look at the organ. It's now been 3 months!

    In the meantime, I have no instrument to practice on am and getting a bit desperate. I have the chance of picking up another Wyvern (Regal theatre organ) for £1000 as a stopgap.

    My question is, what would you do? I was planning to use the B282 with Hauptwerk (as the midi spec looks really flexible), but I have a feeling that this isn't going to get fixed soon, if at all. Does anyone have any experience of this kind of fault? I believe the organ is based on the Bradford system - can this software be flash updated and if so is it available anywhere?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!