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ADC-4000 15V Power Supply

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  • ADC-4000 15V Power Supply


    I find myself in need of a replacement for the 15V Power Supply board/box in my Allen ADC-4000. Does anyone know of a "retired" instrument that might be able to part with its Power Supply?

    I did this last summer but, of course, we're beyond the 30day warranty.



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    If you can't locate one, I might be able to rebuild it for you. Allen doesn't sell that any more, you have to buy a combination cage supply that replaces both the 15 volt and the 5 volt in one piece, and it's rather expensive, and you have to run some new wiring within the cage. Might cost a couple hundred to fix the old one, but should be worth doing.

    Also, it's possible to use a third-party 15 volt supply built for a computer. These are available from a number of sources and can be mounted outside the cage. Only problem with that on an ADC4000 the audio muting depends on the delayed 15 volts from the Allen supply, so you'd have to engineer some sort of replacement for that.

    On the whole, best results might come from rebuilding the existing unit.
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