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Something nice for all our members

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  • Something nice for all our members

    drawing your attention to entry just made in our Home Organs section-don't want our Classical members to miss-out....
    Here's a nice recording to help everyone get over those blues we all got with our "Forum" being down these past few days !! This link is for a truly great recording of Saint-Saens Organ Symphony in C minor, Op 78..It features Virgil Fox at the Rogers Touring Organ with Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra. It was recorded in 1974 ( analogue recording ) and RCAVictor later got it out of their vaults and Digitally cleaned and reissued the works on CD. THEN a few yrs after they Digitally Remixed it again and made great use of the "ambience" in the recording and -VOILA ! We have the work in DOLBY SURROUND ! I have uploaded it to BOX.COM in a 320mb file. I suggest you definitely download it and play it THRU A SURROUND SYSTEM. I have preserved all of the 4 channels for you. By the way if you think it's bass shy at first...ha..just wait.. Track 2 4m 50s the low organ bass is there Track 2 at 6 mins more organ bass...Tr3 7m 30s Virgil's giving her more pedal..then again Tr4 4m 10s and againTr4 6m 40s you got the deep stuff happenin'.. It's still got Brass and String sounds shimmering as clear as anything above such full LF sounds-a really beautifully produced work. Enjoy! BTW PM me if you'd like the FLAC of this for truly superb audio ENJOY :)

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    Thanks. I have bookmarked it.



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      Very nice! Thanks for sharing this.
      At home: Allen T12 B, At church: Patrick Murphy Pipe organ. The console is a rebuilt Moller.