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What Baldwin organ am I playing?

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  • What Baldwin organ am I playing?

    A church I play for just recently acquired a Baldwin organ. It has some nice sounds on it although the Flute stops remind me of video games I played 25 years ago. I just wanted to know the general time frame and model this organ is and any opinions. I don't really like the action and the keys feel like a cheap keyboard. But I think I can make some decent sounds out of it.
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    And another thing, what's the meaning of the "E" "F" and "M" pistons?
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      It looks like a model C-630 from early to mid 1970's.
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        I have the church model 48C which was on the market from '68-72. The C630 followed. They make a nice church organ. I like mine just fine.

        I had a Wurlitzer 4300 once that I really liked, and my little nephew said to me when I used a Clarinet stop that sound like my nintendo game. It really did for sure.

        I don't have those pistons on my 48C, but I think they have to do with external speakers. BTW I like the Contra Bassoon 16' in the pedals. Mine has a Schalmei 4' in the pedals.

        Also, are any of the lower manual keys "stiff" on that C630? I know some of mine are, and I wonder if it has to do with the Chimes and Celeste stops since they are percussions that need to be struck.

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          Yeah the Contra Bassoon actually sounds pretty good. I guess the "E" would probably stand for external. The pedal tones are DEEP and it really adds a lot. I'm impressed that an organ of this stature has all four tone families represented.

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          Really a nice little organ.
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            E is echo
            M is main
            F is full (main and echo)

            The keyboards use Baldwin's gradual key contacts, hence the odd feel.

            I noticed that you always have the "Tone Expander" on. It does seem to enhance the sound.

            What a good time they had at Baldwin finding a name for the 1' on the Swell!

            It's an AGO console and works. That makes it a good practice organ.


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              Yep, perfectly good practice organ. Many people practice on poorer ones. Keep up the good work!
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