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Rodgers organ manuals

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  • Rodgers organ manuals

    Hello, I am new to this but I have been reading the different threads for a couple of years. They are very informative, so---this leads me to find help from all of you in my search for a technical and/or an owners manual for my newest purchase which is a Rodgers 900B. The church from which I purchased it could not find their copies. I requested one from Rodgers several times but it is a request ignored. The same from The dealers. So, I turn to you all for any help or information. It would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Rodgers organ manuals

    My guess is that as you were not the original purchaser then Rodgers and the dealers couldn't give a toss!

    Let's hope Rodgers and their dealers will be more helpful when you need spares!

    I made repeated requests for Rodgers prices over several weeks without success!

    I will now pursue a different brand. You couldn't blame me, could you!

    Organ companies and dealers should boost their prestige by providing interested organists with assistance and information on their products new or used. Aren't they interested in waving their own flags?!

    You never know we may just consider buying one of their products!

    I hope the church will diligently carry out a search for the manuals you seek.

    Good luck.


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      Re: Rodgers organ manuals

      Sadly, much does have to do with the dealers in certain areas, and not just Rodgers.

      I don't know where you're located, but Marshall Ogletree Assoc. ( will order any available Rodgers manuals for you without a hassle. Contact them either by phone or email and explain your request. Loretta McCarthy, the office manager, has always been very helpful.
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        Re: Rodgers organ manuals

        CALL Rodgers (Lynn Simon) at 503-648-4181. Ask to purchase owner's manual 1905-905, and verify that it is for a 900B.

        I recommend you also purchase the TECHNICAL manual for this organ (sorry, I don't know the part number, but Lynn can look it up for you). For the most part, you can't fix these organs without the technical manual.

        I'm not sure how you contacted Rodgers, but if it was by e-mail, then I'm not surprised that you haven't gotten an answer. Companies are flooded with spam, and it might not have gotten through, or might have been misdirected.

        Service & parts departments get orders by phone or by fax, not by e-mail. People who really want to buy service parts use the phone because they want to fix the organ NOW!

        Ask about the price of the manuals unless you really don't care. Personally, I wouldn't care about the price of the technical manual because it is so critical to have. And I wouldn't bother to get the owner's manual. Critical items peculiar to the organ (such as how to lock, unlock memories, etc.) are covered in the technical manual, and everything else is obvious to an organist.

        Expect that the technical manual will be from $50 to $100. Rodgers' tech manuals are usually extremely complete and worth the price. The most expensive I paid for one was $40, but it wasn't as technically complex as the 900.

        Have fun with the 900B--it's a very nice instrument.



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          Re: Rodgers organ manuals

          IF Rodgers are WILLING to supply the manuals required for the 900B, make sure that they will include any updates for the TECHNICAL manual.