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Speaker problem on Baldwin C630T

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  • Speaker problem on Baldwin C630T

    Today while practicing Christmas music on my Baldwin C630T, the pedal suddenly stopped sounding. It doesn't matter if it's on the 3 presets or on the Cancel setting with stops turned on manually. The Great to Pedal and Swell to Pedal will put sound on the pedals, although it is not low pitch. There are no external speakers, only internal. I haven't a clue about this. I am not electrically or mechanically inclined in any way. Any ideas or suggestions?

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    Obviously not a 'speaker' issue, since you do have some sound.
    Also, apparently not a problem with the pedals themselves, since they do produce sound when the couplers are engaged.

    Considering that you claim not to be electrically or mechanically inclined, it seems you have little choice but to hire a local service tech to locate the problem.
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      Long shot -- could be the pedal volume control knob. It's hard to access on the 630. It's actually behind the left hand end block. I'm not sure if you can get it off without completely dismantling the console. Odd place to put the controls, but they are normally not re-adjusted after an organ is set up. You might get the end block off by removing the two screws under the keydesk that go up into the block. If you manage to find the knobs (there will be five of them), the one marked pedal or LP would be the one to wiggle. It might have a dead spot and would spring to life with a tiny movement.

      Also, there is actually a separate pedal speaker on that model -- the 15" woofer -- and it might have gone bad or perhaps gotten unplugged. I'm not sure if there is a fuse that goes only to that speaker, but might be.

      But you may well have to call in a tech. Could be a capacitor on the pedal filter board or the output cap on the pedal amplifier board. Not a job for you to attempt if you don't have some electronics experience.
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        I believe a couple of screws under the left front will free the end block which will then slide forward. That exposes the controls. It's a good idea to clean those pots with some DeOxit. I have had speakers go out on those as well.



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          I suggest you contact your local MITA technician:
          Corpus Christi Computer Service (43.6)
          920 W. Bayview Blvd.
          Portland, TX 78374
          (361) 643-7980

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