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Rattling Subwoofer

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  • Rattling Subwoofer

    I love our church's Rodgers T787 but lately, there's been an incredibly annoying rattling coming from the sub especially when I hit that low D. I love deep bass I can actually feel but the rattling is a bit unnerving, especially on a soft solo when I still need that deep bass. The reverb settings are the same as always and the master volume is where our tech set it at. I was wondering, would isolation pads help if placed on the sub's feet? Or maybe on the speakers resting above the sub?

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    Is the vibration you hear coming from the speaker or is it a resonance problem where something sympathetically vibrates on that note.

    If it is coming from the speaker, it could be a number of things, such as screws not tight that hold the speaker in place, internal wiring vibrating against the cabinet wall, or maybe a speaker driver issue.

    If it is a sympathetic vibration issue, you will have to use your ears to isolate the problem. Things like duct-work, windows, light reflectors are the usual suspects for this. Sometimes, just moving the speaker a bit will resolve the issue.

    One other thing, is that particular stop/note combination louder than notes around it? If so, you will have to reduce the volume of just that one note.

    Definitely not the first one to have a vibration problem.



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      You can "pin down" the pedal and walk around the room listening to the rattle. Often it's not coming from where you think. In order to get a better idea you have to move around the room while it's playing.



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        One of my Rodgers speakers had a rattle - one of the rivets holding the magnet/coil assembly was loose. The tech wedged a small piece of sheet metal in there. It's been quiet ever since.
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