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"Johannus" Opus 370 vs. "Viscount" Unico CLV8

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  • "Johannus" Opus 370 vs. "Viscount" Unico CLV8

    Dear All Organists,

    I am a music director at the Holy Rosary Church in Bangkok, Thailand. I'm looking for a new organ for my church which has a space for 400 people.
    I'm making a decision between "Johannus" Opus 370 and "Viscount" Unico CLV8. I need a suggestion about both of them.

    Thank you very much for you help!
    Joseph Gob

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    The Opus 370 is designed for home use and has internal speakers only, externals such as needed for a church can not be connected to an Opus.
    If the organ is not used to accompany congregational singing the Opus might be OK.


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      Looking at the Viscount CLV8 again it seems closer to the Johannus Ecclesia 370 in comparisons.
      We don't know if the CLV has external speaker connections.
      The CLV shows to have 5 channels whereas the Eccl 370 has 11 and also comes with 11 speakers.


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        As has been mentioned, the Johannus Opus organ is essentially a home organ, or at best for a small chapel. It can have external audio added, through the audio outputs, but that is essentially just a Left and Right out.

        The Ecclesia 370 is a church organ design, meant to fill a bigger space and lead worship services.

        Again the same issue with the Viscount. It comes with an internal speaker system, which is inadequate to deal with a 400 seat sanctuary. It has outputs for external audio, 5 standard, and 12 optional. In any case more is better.

        As to which model or brand is better, I would suggest you try them out if you can. Certain aspects of tone are very subjective or personal. Other things like the feel of the console, pedalboard, keyboards, etc. are important as well.

        The main thing with a successful installation though, is that it has sufficient quality audio on the organ, and that it is installed properly and voiced for the space.

        Don't think that looking on a web-site and do a check list will give you a wonderful sounding installation. So, deal with a good dealer, one who understands organs, and is willing to spend the time to give you a quality, musical installation.

        One other thing, With the Johannus Ecclesia, the organ comes with amplifiers and speakers. In that case, best to use the supplies speakers. With the Viscount, you will need to add amplifiers and speakers. Always, get the best audio you can, and more is better, and good audio is never cheap.

        Hope this is helpful.



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          Thank you very much for your information. That's really help me to make a decision.
          Best Wishes!
          Joseph Gob