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Roland C200 organ. Search and advanced search yields nothing.

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  • Roland C200 organ. Search and advanced search yields nothing.

    Hi, anyone own or have experience with the Roland C 200 organ, or C 230?
    I have used the 'search' and 'advanced search' here and come up with nothing.
    Nearest dealer is about an hour, hour and a half away. I am in
    Western MA, US. And no one, using 'Google'
    search, is disclosing prices. Can anyone supply any information?
    Thanks very much in advance.


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    Approx £1300 in Europe for the C200. £2250 for the C230. But you're right, not many dealers seem to want to disclose prices on line, particularly in the US.

    I am moving this to a better place in the forum, 'Home Organs' is really the place for entertainment models.
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    New website now live -

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      Thanks for your response. I assume that is a "pound" symbol so at the current exchange rate that is approximately $2,100.00
      Which does not seem bad for an organ that is exactly what I want: church, classical.
      And it sounds wonderful also. I hope i can locate one.


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        The forum search is limited to search terms four characters or greater, so C 200 will not yield any results, but C200, or C-200, or "Roland C 200" will.

        More information on searching the Forum can be found in this thread:

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