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Help finding home organ

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  • Help finding home organ

    Hi everyone!

    I need help finding a home organ. After searching craigslist and ebay, I just can't find what I'm looking for. If you are looking to upgrade and sell your old instrument, here is all I really want:

    -church/classical stops
    -AGO pedal board
    -speakers in the cabinet (external speakers are too big)
    -Brand - Allen or Rogers (or reliable equivalent, i.e., no Baldwins)
    -budget - low but not unreasonable (willing to spend up to $3000 give or take)

    Every other feature is negotiable. I live in Southern California. Of course, if you have advice on how to find such an organ, I'm all ears!


    This isn't a 'home organ' by our definition. Home Organ means entertainment models, so I've moved it to the correct section of the forum for you, where it will get more attention. Andy-moderator.
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    Your posting sounds most reasonable. It is a bit lean on specifics though. You don't mention if you would take analog organ or you only want digital. Also, is MIDI implementation a must.

    I have of late come to the conclusion that the inventory of available desirable used organs is very low. By that I mean instruments less than 25 years old, digital tone generation, and have MIDI. Part of it is that the last 10 years organ sales have dived, so fewer recent ones would come up for sale, and the fact that quite a number of organs have not been traded in, but have had Hauptwerk or some other virtual organ stuff attached to it. In some cases, organ consoles have been gutted of original electronics and turned into MIDI computer based organs. Who knows too, the market may have been picked over the last few years, so now there are very few left to come on the market.

    In any case if you are looking for an organ with your description, you should be able to find something. It may mean waiting it out a bit, or looking to beyond S. California. If you don't mind a small Rodgers analog from the 80s you should be able to find one for around $1,000 to $1,500 or maybe less. Then you have to have it moved and possibly serviced. Small Allens from the 80s may suffice as well, but be careful not all of them have AGO pedalboards. Generally, by the early 90s, the organs were digital and had some kind of MIDI implementation. These organs with the specs. you mention would sell for somewhat more, but not more than about $2,000 - $2,500. Again you will be on the hook for transportation, possibly some repair work.

    I would suggest you keep following E-bay, Craigslist, and other for sale sites. You may also want to contact churches in your area to see if they have an organ they don't want anymore. In any case, exercise patience. Who knows, you may end up with something nice.

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      Thanks for the detailed response! I will keep looking around and work on that patience thing. :)

      As for specifics, I feel that beggars can't be choosers. That said, I would rather have a newer, digital instrument for more realistic-sounding registrations but don't care about MIDI. My "wants" list would include lighted stops, dual expression pedals, and presets that can be user-set (not just factory presets, which are useless).


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        You might try contacting Organ Stop in San Diego. While they have used organs on their web site, they always have some in-coming inventory. Let them know your budget and they might have something for you. [email protected]
        is their generic email address or call; website is

        I've worked with George there for a long time, and he's very professional and helpful.

        Currently they show an Allen 632 3-manual for about $5,000. But they've had it on the website for a very long time. They might want to move it out and adjust the price.


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          As Andy was saying, originally an organ such as you wish would probably have been a church organ. You may even find what you are looking for from one of the forum member. I might suggest posting on the Church/Classic Electronic Organ section and see if you get more response.

          I have personally rehomed two digital Allens 2140/2160) this year from churches that no longer required their services. If you don't need MIDI, it's a buyer's market out there on good quality organs. True, you see some pretty high prices on eBay, but you will usually find the organ relisted several times before it sells.

          Personally, I like to use a search engine that allows me to view craigslisings from a larger geographical area then a particular city. Using searchtemps for instance, I might type in my area code, size of area to be covered and tags like church organ, Allen, Rodgers, etc. I think you will be surprised at what comes back. Some weeks there are quite a few pieces, and other weeks, not so many.

          But, obtaining an organ can be a lot like buying a collector's car. A lot of the fun is in the search and acquisition. enjoy......Bill


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            Originally posted by searchinferu View Post
            But, obtaining an organ can be a lot like buying a collector's car. A lot of the fun is in the search and acquisition. enjoy......Bill
            Thanks for the reply and all the good advice!