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Allen Speaker Cabinets available in Atlanta

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  • Allen Speaker Cabinets available in Atlanta

    I saw this on CraigsList this morning: [email protected]

    The entire text and title of the ad is: Allen Organ Company Gyrophonic Speaker Cab - $140 (west Cobb)

    Nichols Road at Antioch Road

    Allen Organ Gyrophonic cab with rotating speakers and another cab with two speakers and a dummy cab. Not sure if it works. Came out of a church.

    End quote. Since it is a gyro and there are three of them, it may have been for a theater model. On the other hand, I would expect the theater set-up to have two gyros. One cabinet has probably been stripped but there may be as many as two 50 watt amplifiers. I can inquire further if desired, or use the link and do so yourself. This stuff is obviously from the analog era, probably around 1970. The location is in the NW metro Atlanta area. Admin should move this as indicated.
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