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Locking the tone generator on a Baldwin c630

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  • Locking the tone generator on a Baldwin c630

    I won a bid on a Baldwin C630 and I will be moving it next week. I've read online that before I move it I must lock the tone generator. I saw a diagram that explains and shows how I need to flip the washer upside down and tighten the screw. My question is, where do I find this in the organ, and are there a lot of them?

    I also have another question. I will have 4 people to help me move the organ, but about how much does it weigh?

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    I thought that was a Hammond only issue.I learn something new everyday.If thats like a hammond the 4 bolts are located on the 4 corners of the metal frame that holds the tone generator. If the washers are to difficult to access.It might be o.k. to put foam rubber underneath the t.g. chasis/frame to secure it.It just needs to not move or bounce around you dont want to break any electrical connections.


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      Yes, the website said it is similar to a hammond tone generator. I'll have to buy a technical manual for this when I find one. I see how that idea of cushioning the chasis would work-Thank you!


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        The Baldwin C-630 generator is NOTHING like the Hammond tonewheel generator! That model was introduced in 1971 and uses solid-state tone generation employing integrated circuits (I.C.'s). Your Baldwin probably has a mechanical spring reverberation unit installed, and that may need to be locked down.

        Moving advice: it is good to have four strong friends, but experience taught me that having a Rol-or-Kari (sometimes known as a "casket dolly") will save you much trouble. If you want to discuss this further, send me a P.M. (Private Message).

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          There are two reverb spring units located under the tone color panel. If you remove the back of the organ you will see them near the top. They each have a locking lever. They are locked when in the down position. Unlocked when moved towards the top of the organ. That is all that must be locked before moving the organ.
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