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Allen Organ Software Programmer Wanted

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  • Allen Organ Software Programmer Wanted

    Spotted that Allen is currently looking for a software programmer. It might interest someone here:


    Allen Organ Company, the leading manufacturer of electronic organs, has an opening for a software programmer with an interest in designing and maintaining software for music and other applications. Related experience helpful. You will be writing in-house and commercial software for our musical instruments.

    Qualified applicants will have experience in Visual Basic environments on MS Windows platforms, including VB/Access interfaces and Installshield. Desirable skill sets also include: Linux (as both development environment and target platform), Qt, C/C++ programming, embedded systems development, sockets programming in C/C++, and MIDI or musical keyboard experience.

    I wonder what exciting projects will they be working on?
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    Just think how much further along Allen would be if they used Apples/! ;-)


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      Until you have to update iTunes in the middle of a service.:'(
      Keeping the world together with some string, a paper clip, and of course gaff(duct) tape.


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        Be serious! A Mac in a church? Everyone knows they use stained glass Windows! :->
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          I ought to give you negative reputation for that, Andy.

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            Now boys! Let's be civil!;-)

            Actually, I do use my Mac in church. Because we don't have anyone to play the piano, I record the piano using my sequencer on the Mac, and play it back during the service while I play the organ. It limits the pastor's spontaneous nature, but he'll live.

            I also don't allow iTunes to automatically update. Solves THAT problem!:-B

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