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VST Instruments - Viscount Prestige or Johannus Opus

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  • VST Instruments - Viscount Prestige or Johannus Opus

    Dear all,

    I've been recording MIDI from organ players on a Viscount Prestige 50 and a Johannus Opus 27. Then I go home edit the midi so that there are no mistakes.

    The next step is to mix it down as audio. I could go back to the two churches with my laptop and play the midi through the organs to mix down but access is limited.

    Is anyone aware of a software synth that sounds like a Viscount Prestige 50 or an Johannus Opus 27 so that I could do my mixes from home?

    I've tried Garritan Classic Pipe Organs and whilst the organs sound good, none of them sound anything like a Viscount Prestige 50 or a Johannus Opus 27.

    Please can someone point me to a software organ that sounds like a Viscount Prestige 50 or an Johannus Opus 27

    Thanks for your help

    Best wishes


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    I doubt that you will find what you are looking for. Other than Hammond clones, I do not know of virtual reproductions of standard digital instruments.

    I would say, try to buy a used version of one of these instruments, that is if you can find one.



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      Or live with the sounds as is. Since you're editing for playing errors, you could technically do it using a piano patch, one manual at a time, if need be.
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        J-organ would probably be the best chance to get close with the dozens of European, German, Italian, etc pipe organs available.
        Many of them have extensive voicing options. And of course it's free.

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