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Rgoers speakers kaput - need recommendation for repairs

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  • Rgoers speakers kaput - need recommendation for repairs

    My church's Rodgers 940 is about 20 years old, and is in fine shape - except for the speakers. The 8" midrange speakers (6 of them) started sounding bad, and I discovered that the foam has rotted. The cones look fine, except that two of domes are dented badly.

    I would like to get these speakers refoamed. I have done some preliminary research, and it looks like it would cost about $40 each, which is acceptable. I'd appreciate greatly if anyone has a recommendation for a speaker repair shop. I've found several on line, but have no idea if they are any good.

    Also, what would dent the domes so badly? The speakers are up out of reach, and the grill cloth is perfectly intact, so I don't think anything has hit them.

    So, our Rogers is out of commission until the speakers get repaired. Other than a few bulbs in the music rack, the instrument is in excellent shape. The finish on the top could use refreshing, and the bench is scratched from careless people stacking things on it. (That practice has been stopped!)

    A photo of the worst one.

    Click image for larger version

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    I can't imagine any other way for a dust cap to look like that other than someone pushing it in. I have gotten excellent results from a place in Rochester, NY, Newfoam..the parts to re foam the edges of 2 speakers is usually about $30.00. The kits come with new surrounds, dust caps, gaskets, and shims to keep the cone in place if you have to. If the only problem is that the edge has deteriorated, replacing the foam is pretty easy...rub off all the old foam and glue in the new ones.
    If you're intimidated about mucking about with a speaker, or just want it done, PM me....Tim
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