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Ahlborn-Galanti vs Viscount? Differences?

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  • Ahlborn-Galanti vs Viscount? Differences?

    I am a newbie, but it seems like Viscount and Alborn-Galanti are owned by the same company? What are the basic differences? I was looking at the Viscount modelling technology videos. Similar to the Roland V piano technology? Which do you think is more realistic, sampled or modelled? Which model in the lower/lowest price range would be satisfying to a buyer who wants a fairly decent organ for home use?


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    Just to clear things up for you.

    Ahlborn-Galanti is more a trade name than a corporate name. Organs made for the English, North American, and Australian markets are branded Ahlborn-Galanti. The company that makes the organs is called Ahlborn Organs s.r.l.. Ahlborn used to be a subsiduary of General Music, but that company is no longer, and Ahlborn was set up as an independent company. However, in the US, the distributor is still known as General Music US. Ahlborn Organs is owned by Danielle Galanti.

    Viscount, is an independent company owned by Mauro and Loriana Galanti, who are first cousins to the aforementioned Danielle Galanti. Viscount organs are not the same as Ahlborn organs, but one does see similar traits in them, especially say 20 or more years ago. They are less similar these days, especially now that Viscount has gone the physical modelling route.

    Actually, General Music was into physical modelling in the 90s. They had a midi piano module that created sounds using physical modelling. And their organs have some sounds in them using physical modelling. The DRAKE based organs could either use sampling or physical modelling.

    I'm not sure how the physical modelling of Viscount differs from Roland technology. I have played both, and find there is more hype than improvement over sampling based pianos. One thing though, physical modelling digital pianos are more responsive in terms of dynamic range than typical sampling instruments. From what I can tell the differences between various brands and technologies is more of a subjective opinion rather than a qualitative thing. Sampling technology is now a very mature method of tone production, whereas physical modelling is still a work in progress, but is fairly mature now as well.

    Prices of new organs have been going up recently. Not likely to get much of an instrument for under $10K anymore. Figure on $12K - $14K with maybe some external audio, and you are looking at $15K plus.

    Used instruments seem to go for very little these days.