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Volume pedal range on Rodgers 820

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  • Volume pedal range on Rodgers 820

    I have recently voiced my 820 and made minimum very soft so that I can play it early in the morning even when others are sleeping. I don't want to use headphones anymore for various reasons. Now, I am facing issue that maximum loudness is not as loud as I would like it to be. I was looking at volume pedals, but could not quickly see how can I increase the range, so that maximum loudness can be louder, while minimum stays as is. Is there a way to do that?

    Thank you

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    Welcome to the Forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and the new instrument you acquired.

    In short, I believe the expression range on most organs is fixed. It just depends on where the range's extremes are set. Imagine a scale of 0>10, and having a dynamic range of 8 (limited by the amp's capabilities). If the low is set at 0, the highest end of the range would be 7. However, if the low is set at 2, then the highest end of the range would be 9.

    That said, I have notice that with my Allens, the dynamic range is more pronounced in a smaller space than in a larger space. My garage where I practice is only 14'x28'. The dynamic range is quite pronounced in that small space, and you probably don't want to be near the speakers when opened fully. However, when I move the same organ to, let's say a 1500-seat auditorium, the low end is almost non-existent sound, while the upper end doesn't feel as powerful. I have learned, though, that the amount of air being moved is relatively the same in the larger space as in the smaller. Therefore, it feels as strong to the audience as it does to me in the smaller space. Some of the more techie guys here could probably proffer a more detailed explanation.

    I hope this post makes sense.

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      OK, headphones are out.
      Perhaps you could plug in a small set of speakers (like for a computer) with their own volume control and set them on your console during quiet times?
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        Thank you both for answering. Yes, I can use small external speakers, but they don't sound the same, and then is annoyance of plugging in and out. I was doing that before, and then would leave speakers/headphones always on and not use external big speakers, but they produce better sound. I like this simplicity of turning on and play :-) It would be nice just if dynamic range could be increased, because speakers can blast loud, when we brought it in and turned it on, everything was shaking. :-)