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Rodgers Lighted Drawknob repair

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  • Rodgers Lighted Drawknob repair

    Hi, our Church organ is starting to have glitches with the lighted drawknobs.
    It is a Rodgers 760 (c.1988)

    There are now 3 stops that when pulled, do not light up. The problem is intermittent, sometimes the lights work sometimes not. The stop itself is active when pulled, just the light doesn't come on. The same problem presents itself when using pistons also.

    I've looked from the back and seen the contact wire that sends the signal to the processor as to whether the stop is on or off. There are also two white wires which I assume go to the light.

    I'm not the organist, just the husband of one, but handy enough to read the manual and help with the voicing etc. I can also handle a soldering gun fairly well.

    I am asking for advice on what to check and how repairs may be made to these. Are there places to check for continuity? What are the test points?

    PS: While I got your attention, we've found the 4' Principle in the Great is not under expression when the 8' is. Is this just some glitch or is this the way Rodgers intended it? In a pipe organ I think it would be if the Great was under expression. Is there a fix for this?

    Calumet, MI

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    There are pipe organs in which the Great is under expression?



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      I just repaired three stops on a Rodgers 900 that did not light. Yes, you replace the lamps. I order them from Rodgers because they have to have rather longs wires which they supply. Intermittent lamps can be a break in the wire where they bend with stop movement. They are glued into the stop shaft so hard to remove. Also you have to remove the stop (plastic shaft with knob) with an Allen wrench.

      Handle the stop housing carefully. I had two additional lamps go out just during the repair. The filaments are old and can break with vibration.