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How to get a zimbelstern sound on an old Allen ADC 5000

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  • How to get a zimbelstern sound on an old Allen ADC 5000

    I recently began working at a church with an old Allen ADC 5000, complete with a card reader and numerous colorful cards. It also has a percussion and reverb control for percussion cards, including a 1' Zimbelstern.

    Aside from just sticking it into the card reader and copying it onto an alterable stop tab, just how would I go about using it? On another Allen with a built-in Zimbelstern, I just pulled on its stop knob and it started. For this organ, is that possible or will I have to devote one hand to playing the Zimbelstern with possibly another alterable stop sound.

    Anybody know what I mean and how to do this? I'd really like to use the Zimbelstern softly on Silent Night at our Christmas Eve services.



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    I don't know the capabilities of that specific ADC model, but I suspect that the Tone Card only creates a sound reminiscent of that of the bells on a Zimbelstern, and doesn't have the capability of cycling through a set of tones the way that instrument does. I also think it would have to have percussion enabled to produce the proper bell tones--I am not aware that this can be handled by the Tone Card by itself. (I think you are aware of this.) Unless someone more familiar with that model says otherwise, I think you'd have to play the sequence of notes yourself. However, that does appear to be awkward.