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Sound Upgrade for Roland C-330

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  • Sound Upgrade for Roland C-330

    I've had my Roland C-330 for almost a year. I am starting to look into upgrading the sound system with an external amp and speakers. Any suggestions would be welcome. Price IS an object. Thanks.

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    I'd buy a nice two-channel amp from MCM electronics or Parts-Express, then get a pair of high quality pro-sound speakers from same sources. You should pay about $150 for an amp and about $200 each for the speakers, to get suitable quality, but paying more for the speakers (up to about $300 each) will pay dividends in the bass. This is assuming you have room for pro-sound equipment. This should be less expensive than buying a pre-made Roland setup, and if you do your research you can get far better sound too.

    Of course, this may be overkill, if all you want to do is have the organ play through some external speakers instead of the internals. In that case, you could go with something much smaller and less expensive. Browse MCM and Parts-Express for suggestions. A decent home theatre-type sound system might please you, if your music room is not too large.

    Obviously, 32' pedal stops go down to 16 Hz, and you won't find many commercial speakers that even claim to go that low, much less really do it. However, most decent pro-sound speakers will have some output well down into the 32' octave, though you might need a dedicated subwoofer system to really get those bottom fundamentals. I suspect you'll hear such an improvement with even a basic external speaker system that you won't quibble over the ultra-low bass.
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      If I was doing a home installation, I'd try a couple of Peavey PVXp15 speakers on poles. these are self powered and have considerable bass.
      If I was doing gigs out, I would buy a Peavey KB3 like Honey uses of Ron Piazza's Mighty Flyers (which see on KET Jubilee TV show -quite possibly available for download).
      I've got a Peavey CS800s amp, unity mixer and SP2 speakers which is simlar but has more cables to fool with. I Bought a whole band setup for $1000 because they were leaving the road.
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        The LDS Blog did a review on this a while back. Apparently, the organ sounded wonderful when demoed, but not so great at an organ workshop without a factory rep around. But, there was mention of the possibility of accessing an advanced setting manual making large improvement in speaker response, especially bass quality. Have you experimented with that?