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Allen console speaker connectors?

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  • Allen console speaker connectors?


    I'm rather a fledgling in the world of electronic organs, and need a little guidance.

    There's an older Allen unit available locally for a price only beatable by free (an old TC-3S). For a song and a dance, I figure it could be the worst instrument I ever played and it'd still be worth the price, especially as a residential organ has become my only way to practice since my last move.

    So in doing my reserach on what this would set me back, I also called the local Allen dealership to figure out what it takes to actually get sound out of this thing. The result? Trying to sell me on a $3000 set of speakers that'd blow the windows out of the 250 sq. ft. room the organ will be in, not to mention make for some very upset neighbors.

    I also have a space efficiency issue. I'd have no objections to using a couple of floorstanding loudspeakers and a sub, not specifically designed for this purpose, in the name of slashing costs and saving space, realizing that I'm going to sacrifice most of the < 25 Hz response with any readily available SUB, cutting off the bottom 2/3 of an octave of the 32' Resultant.

    My biggest question is, is this even possible? I have yet to take a good look at the console (that's the next step), and am not sure how the speakers connect. I know the console's 5-channel... does it just use pos/neg wire pairs, or some other kind of connector? Are they, presumably, unamplified leaving the console?

    Also, has anyone else done this, connecting an older Allen console to something other than a huge set of Allen cabinets? Any insight to share from the experience?

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    Re: Allen console speaker connectors?


    I'm not an electronics technician, but I've got an old Allen analogue TC-3. This is connected to the huge Allen speaker cabinet which takes up a lot of space - much to my wife's dismay. In my Allen, much of the amplification componetry is also built into the speaker cabinet, so any alternative speakers would need to have their own, compatible, amp. In my organ, as it's an export model, there are also mains transformers to cope with the UK 240 ac current. As far as sound goes, I've go my organ in a small downstairs study and the amplification is turned down fairly low to appease the neighbours. But it sounds OK like that. Previously, I lived in a flat, and had it even lower!

    Another thought, in my console, there is a lot of empty space. Prsumably, an electronics engineer, or even an knowledgeable owner, could move the amplifier into the console and fir some internal console speakers.

    Good luck,