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Allen Repertoire and/or Historique Serie (Chapel) - Who has experienced it?

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  • Allen Repertoire and/or Historique Serie (Chapel) - Who has experienced it?

    The new Allen Repertoire and Historique (2 & 3 keyboards)… I would like some advices about these low-end Allen organs. I know the entire Chapel line uses Fatar Keyboards instead the Allen's, cheapy but no unpleasant to play, even though I'd prefer so far the Allen's. So if some folks here have already played one… Are these Allen worthy?

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    A friend who works for an Allen dealership indicated the console construction is not up to Allen's church organ build quality; lack of divisional pistons limits ease of working with MIDI modules; and the sound is excellent from the bench, but it offers NO external options at all (this is a HOME organ).

    From this, I take it that the organ is NOT the equivalent of an Allen Church model, but is comparable to the other low-end models available from the other builders, with the benefit of Allen's sound if you are a fan. The Fatar keyboards are OK, but are level--the swell does not slope towards the great. Note that this might be an important issue on the 3-manual model.

    I think if you are considering any of these low-end models it would be worthwhile to investigate the Allen models, too.

    The Chapel Models indicate "starting under $16,000" and the Bravura "starting under $18,000", so for not much more money you can move into their standard construction models.

    There is definitely a "race to the bottom" among the organ manufacturers, and I don't see "quality construction" as a part of that race.