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Rodgers Scarborough 110-II Power-On

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  • Rodgers Scarborough 110-II Power-On

    I have a Rodgers Scarborough 110-II that has recently become stubborn when powering on.

    While it will sometimes power up at the first turn of the switch, sometimes it will take 15-25 (or more) attempts before it will come on.

    The switch, unless it is actually a series of ganged switches, appears to be "OK" as the music stand and pedal illumination lights will come on every time that the switch is turned to the "on" position.

    Is it possible that Rodgers is using one or more relays to power up the electronics and perhaps one or more of these may be weak or sticking, if they are of the mechanical variety?

    I know this is a very old instrument, but any ideas at all would be welcome.


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    Yes, Rodgers used some mechanical relays in the organ. The amplifiers have a 12 V relay on them. Possible that there is a bad connection there. If you have a volt meter, check out the voltage at the relay. You may want to check the fuse on the V that supplies the power to the relays. There may be dirty contacts there. In any case, if the organ can still power up, then nothing has blown up.



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      Thanks, Arie.

      Yes, it will still power-up fully, it is just stubborn to do so, at times (most times, lately).

      Do you have any advice as to how I can go about locating the relays and / or fuses? If you or anyone on the forum has pictures, that would be fantastic.

      I do have a voltmeter, so I can measure voltages and resistances across these components.