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How do I remove the 2 octave pedals on Wurlitzer 802?

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  • How do I remove the 2 octave pedals on Wurlitzer 802?

    Hi Everybody. I am trying to get to the back of the 2 octave bass pedals on a Wurlitzer 802 so I can troubleshoot some pedals not making any sounds. I took the back off but there was a lot of stuff in the way. After I get that fixed I need to figure out why some stop banks are much quieter than other sets. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Generally, the Wurlitzer large pedalboards required that you lift up the rear slightly (3 to 4 inches) and pull backwards. There was usually a bent metal tongue that latched into the console. After pulling backwards a few inches, the ones I've worked with had electrical connectors that had to be unplugged to completely remove the pedals, but I haven't worked specifically on an 802.

    Most builders, however, designed a system and used it across the board over a long time period, so this might work for you


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      Same on my 950, the pedalboard detaches by pulling it away from the front of the organ and unplugging 3 connectors, I googled the 802 and the pedalboard looks to be the standard wurlitzer design.


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        That did it! Thanks much it is out for me to work on.