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Allen 301C Available in San Francisco

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  • Allen 301C Available in San Francisco

    Hi All,

    When I bought my Rogers Allegiant 778 I donated my Allen 301C to a local church. That church has decided to sell its building and co-locate with another church in a building that already has an instrument. They have asked me if I want the Allen back, but alas I don't have room (or want) for it at this point, barring that, they asked if I knew of another church that would be interested.

    Well, we all know that churches looking for an organ are rare enough, and I don't know of any. I don't want to see this instrument go to the dump, it still performs quite nicely with the reverb unit I installed. If anyone knows of anyone who might be interested, please contact me off list. I'll give you more details. The instrument has to be out of there by mid-March.

    Hammond B-3, Rogers Allegiant 778, Yamaha YUS1-SG, Yamaha N2 Avant Grande

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    Suggest you place a listing the Classifieds section here. We try to keep the discussion areas free of ads for practical reasons.

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